Mural for MS141, Art Direction by Nico Collazo and I. 
Thankful to have worked with such a supportive team during one of the most difficult and confusing of times. This mural was conceptualized with our middle school and high school students at RKA. Right when things began shutting down we were supposed to start the painting process with our kids. Unfortunately they weren’t able to paint with us, but we were still able to bring all of our ideas to fruition with the persistence and dedication of the collective. I learned a lot as i do with every project I get to be a part of. This one mural taught me a lot about particular skills, but my biggest takeaway will handsdown be the kindness that made it all possible. From the kids and their devotion to trying their best, to the educators treating us with respect and honoring the vibrancy of our work, to the team collectively doing everything it took to adapt and complete this mural for the kids. 
To clarify my part in this mural consisted of highlighting some of the ideas the kids presented in relation to Rhythm, Culture, and Music.. plus I got to throw down some color. Nico and Marissa, killed it with all the characters.
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